Storyhaven is a game that transforms your home into a fantasy adventure. Print QR markers and place them around your home to start your adventure. Use the Storyhaven app to scan the markers to explore wondrous locations in the kingdom. The beautiful valley. The mysterious ruins. The dark cave. Complete the random encounters at each location to earn rewards to help you to overcome your most difficult and final challenge, the evil wizard Grimwell.


Groundling Games was established by a group of friends that played Dungeons and Dragons together in college. As it often happens, those friends got older and had families. Storyhaven was developed for their children. A game to play because its too cold, too wet, or just too COVID outside -- but still fulfilling the need to get up and move. During development, one of the designers played it in lieu of trick-or-treating during lockdown. He placed a "chest" of candy at the end of the game. His kids' faces nearly exploded in excitement -- immediately asking if they could play again.


  • 100% free! No in-app purchases. No ads. No data collection.
  • Collect numerous treasures to overcome encounters.
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn encounters to spark your imagination.
  • Physically act out your adventures.


There are currently no trailers available for Storyhaven. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



About Groundling Games

Groundling Games is an independent game collaborative with the mission to create games that inspire transformation through play.
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Storyhaven Credits

Chad Kilgore
Game Designer, Engineer
Karl Hauber
Game Designer